Transfer mobile file between any devices without App.
No registration or signup, no hosting and free. For now limited to 100 Mo.

What's is ?

Zipl is a Website to transfer your smartphone/cellphone files easily and directly between any devices. Zipl requires no install ,no registration, no signup and does not host any of your files. After tap on "GIVE button", you choose your file and give your transfer code to your guest. Then, after tap on "TAKE button", your guest write this code. You have 180s to perform this step. The transfer can begin, however the file exchange time shall not exceed 30min. Even on the mobile device , you will not need to install App, but for more informations please consult the FAQ.

Zipl does not hosting your files, your anonymity and security of transferred files are preserved. allows transfers files anywhere across the Internet . For transfer in your local area network at home (Ethernet ,WiFi ) there is an simpler Website solution without code system

How it works ?


You will find in this faq answers to the most obvious questions . Will later open a dedicated page with all details.


Why is there an unzip app. with Zip ?

The restrictions IOS (iPhone,iPad) do not allow to download files, especially media files (mp4, mp3) , except for photo files . Also , receiving the files in ZIP you can read through an application unzip (ex : ZipBrowser), without going through iTunes.
For upload, The restrictions IOS allow only your media files.

Android - BlackBerry

Where are downloaded files received ?

The download directory can change but usually is in "download", available since the native application system "my files".

Note that Android or BlackBerry no need Zip app.


Is Zipl runs under all versions of browsers ?

The operation of Zipl can be altered according the version of your browser. It works well with Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Opera.